Nightview Series


Series existing of mainly night photography

Although we consider ourselves living in a modern world, underlying aspects of human existence present themselves similar to the way they did in the past. The Nightview series relates to classical landscape representation as in paintings through the medium of photography within a contemporary context. Titles always come last and although some refer to existing genre paintings, there is no intention of imitating already existing paintings.
Others appear like road movie sceneries in a single, framed moment, without a storyline, reflecting a certain mysterious atmosphere.

'iPhone View', diptych, Xiamen, China

'Receiver', Xiamen, China

'The edge of the woods / A gypsy camp', Dutch/German border

'Tent', France

'The Town View', Tilburg, NL

'Focus', Xiamen, China

'The Little Street', Tilburg, NL

'In front of The Inn', NL

'Tower of Babel', Helmond, NL
'The Entrance', Xiamen, China

'Dead City', Gyumri, Armenia
Note: 'Dead City' was taken during the day but fits the series because of it's apocalyptic darkness.

Article by 'Scryptphotography'


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